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Oct 7, 2012 11:30pm EDT
this league and really one of the pioneers of this game. hi a chance to meet his son this week, joe unitas. that was a special, special treat. obviously, feeling that we had their blessing and support in us breaking this record and couldn't have happened in a better way. >> michele: you said it's a team win and so many people involved. you asked the commissioner for special permission to have sean payton, along with mickey loomis and joe vitt here. how do you think payton's presence in the building tonight might have impacted this team and this performance? >> gave us some good mojo for sure. i love my coach. i love my coach. so glad he could be here. mickey, joe vitt as well. special for our team. special that they could be a part of this night with the record. just overcome with emotion right now. but, hopefully, it's the first of many opportunities we have of things like this as a team. >> michele: drew, is it a little bit sweeter that this came against the team that drafted you and then let you go, the chargers? >> yeah. i figured you guys are no dummies when you scheduled this
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
joe biden and paul ryan debate. >>> a town in maryland destroyed by flames, three families display placed. >>> a little boy tumbles 80 feet out of a window. see what broke his fall and who came to his rescue. >>> a wild night for nats fans. the team kept their hopes alive, jayson werth came up clutch in walk-off fashion. >> we have team coverage, erika gonzalez has reaction from fans. first let's startith dan hellie. it was quite a finish. >> a lot of baseball firsts this year, but today had to be the best. the nationals get the first postseason win in washington, d.c., since 1933 and they did it in dramatic fashion, a walk-off home run from their highest paid player, jayson werth, for a night the most popular guy in the most powerful guy in the world. bottom of the ninth, everyone in the ballpark on the edge of their seats. jayson werth facing lance lynn. on the 13th pitch of the at-bat seals the deal, a walk-off home run for werth and a historic win for the nationals, 2-1 the final. the series now heads to a winner-take-all game five tomorrow night at nationals park thanks in par
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
joe kelly. and he wants to get in on the act. bud, check this out. john j., he's tracking it, he's got it. unbelievable catch, right? >> it's easy to point at starting pitcher george zimmerman as he imploeded. what should be a concern recocuring neem. but the series returning to dc and this remains a confident bunch. >> you get all season and, you know, we're home with the season for the serious ties. it's what it's all about. we did our job here. >> let's chalk this up to getting hammered. we talk about not being able to see the ball at all, but it obviously didn't affect them. they jumped out and kept poring it on. >> they have scored ten or more runs on you guys in the last couple of week. >> they can hit it. it doesn't matter if you scored one or zero. if you win or lose, that's the big deal. hopefully, when we get home, our friends are ready for us. >> so the bottom line here is the nationals come back to d.c. with one win in the bag and the next three games, all at home. we'll see you there. from st. louis, dan hellie. >> it's david versus goliath. andy petit is the winning e
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
presidential debate last week, joe biden and paul ryan will be seated during their 90 minute show down. >> mitt romney is campaigning in ohio tonight where he will spend three days focusing on the must-win state. 9,000 people attended his rally in sydney. he repeated the claim that he will not raise taxes if he becomes president. they attended a town hall meeting with employees of a company that makes natural gas compressors. >> michelle obama is now on a two-day campaign swing in colorado. she told a school that mer husband took office during a financial crisis and has made big strides in turning things around. mrs. obama also promoted the president's work in making college more affordable. there will be no jail time for vincent gray. howard brook received 200 hours of community service. back in may, he confessed to paying a third party candidate to stay in the race so he could publicly attack the mayor. brooks said he was truly sorry for breaking if law. >> more trouble for jerry sandusky. the state of pennsylvania is revoking his $59,000 a year pension. sandusky's wife, dottie will
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4